Agency for Horizontal Objectives within the European Social Fund

The Agency for Horizontal Objectives within the European Social Fund (ESF) has been instructed since January 2015 by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to advise and support the stakeholders implementing the Operational Programme of the Federal ESF to integrate the horizontal objectives Gender Equality, Anti-discrimination and Ecological Sustainability into their tasks.

The horizontal objectives must be coherently taken into account during the ESF funding period 2014–2020 in accordance with Article 7 and 8 of the ESI Regulation (EU) No. 1303/2013 and Article 3, 7 and 8 of the ESF Regulation (EU) No. 1304/2013 within the framework of the analysis, objectives, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of ESF programmes and projects (mainstreaming) as well as through direct contributions to the horizontal objectives (specific actions).

Following the work of the Agency for Gender Equality within the ESF during the funding period 2007–2013, the Agency for Horizontal Objectives within the ESF focuses on anchoring the horizontal tasks coherently within the core issues and procedures of the ESF.
Various consultancy formats, the organisation of interdepartmental networking of the ESF stakeholders, information management, the drafting of expert opinions and working materials on the ESF core topics as well as public relations activities are guiding the learning processes of the ESF actors.

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